Quick Tip

Stay warm

If you’re cold you’ll be miserable so hot water bottles, layers, decent sleeping bags and (sometimes) duvets are a must. Blankets under the airbed help stop the cold too.


Quick Tip

Research your site

If you’re after peace and quiet and it has an on-site clubhouse chances are it’s not the place for you. Similarly, if you have small children check that your site isn’t on a cliff edge. Arm yourself about potential on-site hazards, just in case. If you don’t like busy sites, it might be best to avoid Bank Holiday weekends.

Quick Tip

A little bit of time for mum and dad

No matter how tired you are, try to carve out a bit of time for yourselves. There’s nothing like watching shooting stars as you sip your hot chocolate outside the tent while the little ones snuggle down in their bags. Have them join you for a bit then pack them off.